December 16, 2020



New Update:

We just finished our new look for THE VISION trailer and many incredible new pieces in the documentary. Come see and here about the Women who contributed to Basketball history, the women who laid the foundation for Women’s Professional Basketball here in the United States. History that begins in Kansas City Missouri, the home of the WOMEN’S BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION (WBA).  Enjoy all of this in the museum room at The Black Archives Of Mid-America at 1722 E 17th Terrace  Kansas City Missouri  64108, this room will be finished shortly for all to visit during regular business hours.  Now let me share this with you as we move closer to this great holiday that we all celebrate with so much hope and joy in it and the share of gifts with each other.  Let us not forget the greatest gift of all that was shared for us.  Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings and there is no greater gift and there will never be.  “The gift of eternal life”.  So I’m asking all of us to keep this thought in our hearts and minds this Christmas.  Love You All.  Check out our new look for the trailer click on the links below to view it.