June 23, 2022

Know The Story

Know The Story.  Visit the Black Archives Of Mid-America this summer.

Now as I sit here in my home reading about TITLE IX 50 year anniversary and what it took to get it where it is today.  I can hardly believe even now some of the most ridiculous  things I have heard.  Even today there is, much misleading of the people in our society.  Mainly because of the hunger of the dollar or power struggle.  This is why only 87% of American adults say they’ve heard little to nothing about TITLE IX, per a recent survey.  Hopefully, a 50th birthday celebration brings about the attention this historic law deserves.  But I can’t see that happening until people decide to be truthful to what it means for women to be treated fair in every aspect of life.  And the truth told what it took, for women to advance where they are today.  Let’s go back to the 87% of American adults that’s never heard of TITLE IX and for a moment try to wonder why.  Even better try to figure this one out.  I bet you there is only 1% if that that’s only heard of about the Women’s Basketball Association, (WBA) the first ever spring and summer women’s professional basketball league, forerunners of the WNBA.  As (WBA) enter a 30 year anniversary, why haven’t you heard more about it?  There has only been two spring and summer women’s professional basketball leagues.  First the WBA and now the WNBA.  Now try to mull this around in your head; and think about possibilities why you don’t know about the WBA.  Try sleeping on that thought tonight.  You can also visit a museum room at the Black Archives Of Mid-America  at 1722 E 17th Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri or read the book the SHOOTING STAR by Lightning Mitchell at Amazon. If possible watch the Documentary Film at the museum.  These are sure avenues that you will learn the true story before the next 30 years.