February 13, 2019

Black History Month

Black History Month

As we celebrate black history month, I thought it is important I share this piece of history with you. By the grace of GOD, and our Lord and Savior JESUS Christ, I am the founder of the women’s basketball association (the WBA). History was made when these young women joined my league to launch the first ever spring and summer women’s professional basketball league, also which is where the (WNBA) came from.

These young women changed the life of American women basketball players forever—finally giving women the same opportunity that men have had for decades. It allowed them to compete professional basketball here at home in the United States. My motive for THE VISION book and making the documentary film and sharing this story publicly, is to recognize the women who pioneered professional basketball and paved the way for the (WNBA) as we know it today. We feel strongly that the story of the WBA should be told. These women deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts and achievements, and be recognized as women who contributed unselfishly to women’s sports. They should be credited for being the first-ever spring and summer women’s professional basketball league here in the United States. Every season that the WNBA plays, you know how they got their start.

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THE VISION is coming to the
Branson International Film Festival

April 5 2019
Time: 4:00 p.m.
White House Theater, Branson, Missouri