October 26, 2019

Attention Sports Editors!

Attention Sports Editors!

Come celebrate with us as the Women’s Basketball Association and players are inducted into The Black Archives of Mid-America, where you will find numerous articles about historic women athletes who significantly contributed to Basket Ball history, the women who laid the foundation for women in sports today. The history begins here in Kansas City, Missouri, the home of the WBA.

We are looking for players from your area that participated in the WBA league. These are the cities that once hosted a team:

  • *Kansas City, Missouri
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Beatrice, Nebraska
  • *Omaha, Nebraska
  • *Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • *St. Louis, Missouri
  • *Louisville, Kentucky
  • Gary, Indiana
  • *Memphis, Tennessee
  • *Chicago, Illinois
  • *Minneapolis, Minnesota

*Cities that had teams in the final playoff season of 1995

We are asking for your support in helping us find the players in your area. Please contact us at lightningnedmitchell@yahoo.com or info@wbathevision.com.

There will also be a documentary film THE VISION that will be showing at this event on February 22, 2020 at 2:00 pm at The Black Archives of Mid-America at 1722 E 17th Terrace, Kansas City, MO.

For additional information you may contact Dr. Carma at 816-221-1600 at The Black Archives of Mid-America. Come and celebrate with us as the Women’s Basketball Association and its players take another step forward in taking their place in history.

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